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After four rounds of interviews and lots of delays, I finally have an offer in hand and have done all my preparation to resign.

On Monday, I will be calling my supervisor (who is in a west coast office and I'm in an east coast office, so no chance of doing this in person) to resign.

I'm wondering if I should call him unprepared and have him taking this call in the open. I've been in that office and know that people sit very closely together and hear every word said in surrounding cubes. One of my peers sits right next to him,.

Any thoughts?

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Congratulations on your new position. It's always exciting to have a fresh opportunity.

As to your question, if it were me I would call and tell your supervisor that you would like to have a confidential conversation. Offer the opportunity to have him call you back from another location so that he has privacy for any response needed. If he wants to take it in his cube then at least he was forewarned. I figure that the privacy issues are more for his needs than yours.


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Congratulations Tom,

Any free conference rooms with a door at your place?  How about a cell phone in your car?  This really doesn't sound like much of an issue....

Good luck in the new position.

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If you are going to the effort of resigning professionally, go all the way.  If possible, set up the call as if you were doing it face to face.  Good luck in the new gig.



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Hey Tom - congratulations!  I've been following your posts for a long time.


If this advice isn't too late: call him and give him your prepared opener - telling him that you're resigning.  He'll choose whether he wants to continue the call right then, or call you back from a different location.  You don't have to do his thinking for him on this one.


Again, congrats!

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Thanks, folks.

I called him and told him what was going on up front. Then I told him if he wanted to move to someplace private to talk more, he could call me back. He opted not to and he was really gracious about it.

The timing was a bit odd since Tuesday I had to fly out of town for a project kickoff meeting that I was leading. I am pretty out of touch with my normal contacts right now,  but I figured I was safe for the week.

Of course, I have a few weeks cash on hand in case my passwords don't work upon my return!

This is the most amazing position I could have ever imagined and I feel like everything I've ever learned in my entire career will be applicable. Thanks for the advice and I'm sure you'll all be hearing from me as I run into new challenges once again.

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Congrats on your new position.  Also, thanks for the follow up to the story...