I need some advice.

I have been given a 60 day notice.  I have reviewed the "Getting laid off" and "How to Resign" podcast series.  I am working on my transition package as a contributor/team lead for projects.

I am trying to keep my days open by first working on the transition this week and also in the afternoons before leaving catching up on the networking, recruiters, and career management document.  I assume that as I am spending 50/50 between my old responsibilities and doing my job search will help my career and keep my relationships good, but that is eight weeks! I think I should start shifting my priorities to job search to 40/60 in the second week and so on.

Hope someone can recommend a good plan or schedule.


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First, start looking at your LinkedIn profile and make sure it's up to date.  Make sure you are part of the right groups as well.  Start reaching out to trustworthy connections and let them know you are looking for new work, they don't need to know the details.  Also, make sure what you want in your next role and what you want in life!

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Okay, I am still connected to my former peers and have had lunches with several of them.  My old colleagues asked if I would come back....

I don't believe applying for an open position after being part of a permanent layoff is a good use of my time.