How should we handle objections to over assignment ?

 I have listened to the Podcasts about "over assigning".


I have an hourly direct that has been particularly resistant to over assignment.

In fact, this morning he told me that he expects that I would pay him more if I add assignments and projects to him.

I let him know that accepting projects and new assignments _is_ part of his position he went to look at his job description.  - Which I discouraged - so we could continue the conversation.

The main part of his position is to accept and process incoming requests for document delivery.

He takes great pride in the fact that he processes all of the requests by the end of the day.   Some days are heavy - some are light.

It is a two person Document Delivery unit and they cover for each other often.  And even start on each others work when one hasn't arrived yet.

They have also be cross-trained to cover other front line positions of the organization and are frequently asked to cover for other folks when they go on lunch or are out for the day.

The problem here is that they are both resistant (one openly, and one passively) to having me assign other projects to them outside of this arena of document delivery.

I am sure that with some better time management and accepting a little bit of productivity drop in one area - that they do have the capacity to do these projects.

I have assured them that I would accept a drop in productivity in correlation to the new project - but they won't hear of it.

They continue to fill every request each day - and complain about how busy they are and indicate that my projects are too much to ask of them.

* I've been happy with their work - and their productivity.

Yet - I still have some projects that need to get done and have determined that these are the staff to do it.


I have never punished them or even criticized them for any lack or drop in productivity in the past.

I don't understand why they seem so scared to let productivity drop to accomplish these projects.  Even when I have given my OK to do so.


What would my best approach to this ?

Is this idea of over-assignment unjust and overly stressful ?

I can't pay them more - nor can I take any responsibilities off of their shoulders.  I can only assure them that I will flexible with deadlines and expectations of productivity.