I was wondering if anyone out there could recommend a few resources to help make decisions around a major career change.

If someone is thinking of a new career but not sure where that should be, what tools or resources are effective at helping frame and evaluate what, at the moment, are just unfocussed thoughts and desires?  

"What Color Is Your Parachute?" is one that I'm aware of, but are there any others?

Thanks in advance.


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Winning by Jack Welch,

In chapters 16-19 he writes about "Your Career."


  Good luck!

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It is my first time on the forum although I have been listening for years. I came for the same questions. 

I've always been quite "lucky" and drove properly my (still young) career, and now I don't know what I should target...

So if you have some info please share with me. Here are my ideas:


- I need to get some fresh ideas: I have set up a plan to browse a market every week (telecoms, aerospace, automotive...) to give me some ideas about what is going on.

- This plan also includes external networking (conferences, linkedIN etc...) in order to create opportunities and meet the unexpected

- I also come back to my old mentors, they are always of good advice

- Warming up my network in order to see if anything can raise my interest.

This doesn't lead directly to goal definition but it contibutes to enlarge my scope of possibilities and foster ideas.



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It's been a while but I remember liking the Marcus Buckingham series: 

First, Break all The Rules

Now Discover Your Strengths

Go Put Your Strengths to Work