I inherited a team where on person on the team was a "Team Lead" by title.  While this person is very reliable he/she isn't a standout performer or particularly growth ready (mostly in that he doesn't ask for new challenges and doesn't appear to be too motivated).  New tasks are readily accepted however doing it all over I don't know that I would have made him my "lead".

Do I respect his position and title and coach him along even though he wouldn't have been my first choice if the position were being newly assigned?

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You need to figure out (or decide) what is expected from the Team Lead that is different than from the rest of the team. Then and only then can you decide if this person is actually doing the job and/or is the best fit for the job.


This person may actually be a good fit for the position. Perhaps the Team Lead needs to have the most knowledge, be calm and reassuring, and be able to support the rest of the team in difficult issues. Perhaps stability and reliability are the key attributes for this job. Perhaps people skills are critical. Perhaps ambition or "standout performance" is not needed. Heck, you may not want this position filled by someone eager to take the next job or promotion that comes up.

You get my point.  Don't make a rash judgment simply because the Team Lead isn't like you.