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I need some opinions. We all know that, regarding to performance, results matter most. My situation: I work in IT. I get work assignments directly from my projectmanager, and I delegate / pass on stuff to my team. I am also pro-actively looking for things that I want to improve myself (processes, tools) in the team and also in the company as well. The work result for us all is a software product. My PM (boss) gets rated by the performance of the product (sales).

I my bi-annual appraisal interview, when it comes to salary raises, I also get rated by product performance. Is that fair?
I got my work done in time, budget and quality. I also do a lot of additional stuff. But that is hard to measure, some things have impact on direct sales, other have more of a long-term effect.

The things I can do the direclty increase sales is very limited.

How do measure this? How do you measure IT output on a management level? Do you guys have and hints for me how to argue in appraisal talks?

Thank you

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I understand your frustration. Keep in mind that the organization you work for is evaluated by the product and the sales of the product. Even though YOUR metrics are concrete and sequential, if you do your work perfectly but are working for the team selling the Apple Lisa, there is no room for growth and development for anybody.

I would have you analyze how your delivery of your assigned work, on time, on scope and at quality, is impacting the overall department's effectiveness. With those pieces in place, talk to your manager about how the metrics you control can be better used in your performance review.

btw - fair is not important. Embrace reality

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Thanks for your reply. I think it is very hard to really get good metrics, but it seems to be the approach with the success. I will talk to my boss and try to establish some metrics.

I might add time and quality to my working log, so I have some notes to discuss in my appraisal talks.