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BLUF: I used MT recommendations for interviewing and got an offer within 24 hours.

I interviewed for a leadership position in my school district recently, my first position out of the individual contributor realm. I followed MT guidance to a tee and impressed the heck out of the executive team who interviewed me. Because the new role entails building a new school from the ground up, the CEO sat in on my interview and took part in the questioning. The following day, he called me personally and offered me the position!

Outstanding recommendations, gentlemen! Thank you for your help in landing my dream job!

Very respectfully yours, Mike

PS ... after the interview, I gave another listen to the MT “How to Resign” series. I then used the six weeks between my offer and the date of my official promotion to transition out of my former role ... effectively.

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Congratulations on your new job.

M&M's recommendations can show one the way, but it takes a lot of hard work to bring their advice to fruition. Well done on an outstanding interview and transition!!

- BJ

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Applause for the player on the field...

 Please let us know how the transition goes...always good to learn from someone who's "doing it."  

John Hack

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Well done!


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Congratulations! I consider the Interviewing Series the single best investment I've made in my career.