I recently relocated to another state for personal reasons, leaving behind my director position. My company asked me to work remotely in a Product Management and Senior Engineer role.  I no longer have any direct reports and am focusing on a variety of projects and training new engineers and managers.

It is time to update my resume and I am looking for advice on how to express this move.  Is it best to create a new Job within the company and outline my new responsibilities, or should I just continue to outline success under the current role?

If I do decide to move on, I will be looking for a similar role to my previous director role and am concerned that the engineering work may appear as a detriment.

Thanks for your advice.



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It sounds to me like a different role with different responsibilities and different types of accomplishments. I'd list it as a new role.

Personally, I'd say that your changing role is a great way to show that you are a team player and willing to do what it takes to help out the company, even if it means losing a director title. A trait worthy of being a director.