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BLUF: How does resume advice change for older workers? The following TechRepublic blog recommends leaving out older work experiences, removing dates of employment, etc.

I am asked to review resumes of professional colleagues as a personal favor. I would be interested in MT advice on resumes for older workers.


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If you want to leave stuff off, why not just end my chronological resume at some point in the past?  I do  that though I do go back over 20 yrs on the resume.  I have seen resumes from older workers that only list the most recent 10-15 yrs.  It's fairly obvious though, especially if their first job is as a manager or a senior individual contributor.

As for leaving off the dates?  That's a red flag.  It makes me wonder what the candidate is trying to hide. 

- Paul -

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Leaving dates off is a red flag.  

Highly recommended is John Luchte's  "Rites of Passage..." which details how to prepare an executive resume.  

John Hack

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I have a copy of John Luchte's book...I may pass along a copy to him. I thought it worthwhile pointing out the alternative/wrong advice from another source.