I just listened to the resume casts.  I found them very informative.  But I believe the latest is almost a year old.  Meantime, things continue to appear to be changing.

"Could the days of trying to cram all your professional accomplishments onto a single sheet of paper be a thing of the past?

Some job experts say we're already there. With news that Facebook might be joining the ranks of online-employment brokers, it's looking more and more like the old-fashioned resume might be growing obsolete.

Facebook plans to launch its own jobs board, working with some existing sites to let users search listings, the Wall Street Journal is reporting. Yes, that's right: People may be looking for jobs on the same site where photos of their youthful indiscretions could turn off potential employers."

This article in particular was forwarded by the IEEE Career Alert newsletter, which often contains good information.

Are we looking at changes just in the tech industry, or is this across the board - and - is it real, or a fad?