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I am doing the quarterly review of my resume and realized that I have been developing a lot of skills and successes in my volunteer role as president of a regional non-for-profit advocacy organization. Does this belong on the resume? if so, Where would it go? BTW, most of my success with leading the organization has come from manager tools podcasts... if they were a drink, I would be lush!

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I recommend tracking volunteer organization leadership in your career management document (CMD). You may, or may not, be able to weave accomplishments in these organizations into your resume. It depends on the position.

Space on your resume is very limited. Given the choice between an outstanding job accomplishment and Grand Poobah in the Gardening Club...I would rather see the job related accomplishment. That said, when you document a leadership position in your CMD you have the raw material to prepare for an interview. When asked at an interview, "Tell me about your leadership style..." you can both describe it and cite an example.

It may not fit on the resume yet your leadership may be a big help in an interview.

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Significant accomplishments can be listed under the paid job you were doing at the time as long as you are clear in what capacity the accomplishment was achieved.

Certainly keep a good record of volunteer work. Sometimes it hits the mark, sometimes it allows you to carry out duties applicable in your next paid role.

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Thank you both for your feedback.