I was recently contacted by a company recruiter at the suggestion of a former co-worker. After talking to the recruiter and looking into the company, I become very interested in the opportunity. The recruiter asked for my resume, and I sent it. Then I listened to the Interviewing Series podcasts. Based on what I learned from those podcasts (which were excellent, btw), I've completely rewritten my resume. Is it okay to send the new version to the recruiter? I'd really like to work for this company and don't want to screw things up, but the new resume is clearly much better. 


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Yes. Based on your post, I'd say go for it. You might want to consider sending it to them. It's likely that the overhaul from the awesome CT/MT tips helped you uncover & present yourself in a better light. You might include a note that says something like, "Recently updated my accomplishments, I'm sending you a new copy of my updated resume." Thank you. Look forward to connecting with you again, soon. Respectfully, (your name) A note of caution: have you been given an indication that they're a 'don't call us, we'll call you' type of style? Then maybe reconsider. However, all things being equal the MT/CT rule of thumb for job offers is "Until you've got something, you've got nothing."

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The recruiter has been very friendly and invited me to ask questions. I like the note example you provided. Thanks a ton!!