Three years ago I was RIF'ed from a long career. I chose to go another direction into a profession I've come to learn is not my passion. I want to return to my prior field. This will be an encore career for me, I'm drawing retirement, but I still have certain goals and I want to work full time. I'm no longer compelled to climb the career ladder, been there, did that. I'd be perfectly happy in a lower level as long as the culture was a fit for me. Money isn't that important, but I'm not willing to volunteer either.

Bottom line at the bottom: How do I express this on my resume? Many of the web sites I'm applying for don't allow cover letters. I think I've been ruled out due to being overqualified.

I know it's not recommended here, but since this is a career change (or return) I'm thing an objective paragraph is one answer.

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Thanks all!