Hello MT team. I am looking for a new carreer change. I have been working for mid size companies, ~60 Employees, for about 8 year and I am looking to move to larger corporations or government work. I have been getting applications out and been following the MT Resume and interview guidlines, (it is a one page layout etc.). I just don't seem to be getting the traction that I expected. If you can provide feedback to the resume that I have below I would greatly appreciate it.



Jason, Matthews

123 Main St., Hamilton, ON, L4Z 3B5: 999-999-9999: [email protected]



July 2010 – Feb. 2015: Operations Manager, Mystique Event Marketing – Responsible for all performance metrics for the organization. Oversee all day to day operations and P&L for an organization of 60 Employees.  In control of delivering results directly to owners of the company.  Accountable for sales, customer service and support of ~45 fundraising events annually across Ontario. Implementation of CRM systems, and process improvements.

·        Delivered Sales revenue increase of 25.5% through effective change management in HR, and Training.

·        Achieved net revenue increases of 380% over a 2 yr period by focusing teams on high profit products

·        Decreased administrative costs by ~40% through process streamlining and task sharing.

·        Achieved ~8% payroll reduction while increasing top-line revenue by complete department restructuring

·        Obtained Canadian Management Institute, CSIM certification


Aug. 2008 – July 2010: Business Sales Manager, Mystique Event Marketing – Responsible for the B2B sales team growth and development.  Responsible for recruiting, training and developing a team to support province wide fundraising campaigns. P&L responsibility for a team of ~10 provincial agents. 

·        Increased sales revenue by 20% through effective market penetration strategic planning

·        Increased high margin revenue by 60% by changes to incentive structures and individual coaching plans

·        Increased average sale size by 11%, through continuous feedback and training

·        Developed a continuous learning program to drive steady sales revenue increases.

·        Obtained OHSA Certification


Feb. 2006 – Aug. 2008: Customer Service Manager, Humane Wildlife Control Inc.  – Manage all support functions for field crews across Ontario and Quebec. Supervise all daily activity for inside sales and customer service, administration, human resources, accounting, software implementation and telecommunications. Responsible for implementation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Great Plains. 

·        Developed 11% growth in sales conversion rate through sales process improvements

·        Drove 25% decrease in telecommunications costs through effective outsourcing

·        Achieved 25% decrease in field staff mileage through increased scheduling efficiencies

·        Maintained all direct labour costs below monthly targets 8 of 9 quarters


Aug. 2000 – Oct. 2005: Project Manager, Protocol Communications – Implement and grow client revenue throughout North America.  Responsible for fast to market startup of sales and customer service teams of 140 agents across several sites in Canada and the US. Key contact for fortune 200 clients. 

·        Achieved 650% revenue growth of top ten client by consistent client goal attainment and inventive programs

·        Launched over 12 projects on time and on budget by using proper project management practices and tools

·        Decreased absenteeism and sick day cost by ~10% by implementing corporate wide HR policies

·        Developed a collaborative learning framework for management training of 20-30 colleagues


July 1997 – Aug. 2000: Technical Sales Agent, Protective Barriers Inc. – Develop sales markets for a new manufacturer of roofing and Construction materials.  Responsible for local commercial roofing sales.  Development of virgin markets as new products came to market.

·        Obtained key technical specifications with 2 top roofing consulting firms.

·        Achieved stocking vendor sales contract with Home Hardware Canada

·        Developed processes to solve historical restorations projects challenges throughout Ontario and NE US


Recreations and Leisure Studies, Brock University, 1994- 2000

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You might want to consider taking your personal contact information off the forum. Just two cents...

As for the resume: it appears that you have the template/style down. Nice job.

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You might want to remove the comma between your first name and surname in the title. Perhaps you also could consider moving the dates of employment ot the end of the line (as in right justified) so as to increase the impact of the job titles. Otherwise, remember that recruitment is a black box and we all get to go through a load of what seems wasted effort to get there (well, most of us do!) Best of luck...