im most of the way through the world is flat, and the section about the new middlers (its from the untouchables chapter) struck me as potentially valuable resume wise.

my concern is that these modifications would be too gimmicky, cutesy, something... and id like to share this and see what everyone thinks.

friedman outlines several skillsets (qualities or characteristics?) that he sees as desirable in a fully-globalized world. certainly, the skills he has laid out could be considered qualities of [i]any[/i] successful person.

so heres what im thinking:

take a few of the skill headlines - like collaborator and orchestrator, or synthesizer - and create a new section in your resume (perhaps the long version, not the 1 page?) that outlines things youve done to speak to those qualities in you. maybe even try to have descriptions for each of the skillsets and pick and choose, like the bulletpoint successes from your job roles.

do yall think that those skills are accurate enough to what people are looking for in the market to make the effort (and real estate) worthwhile?