I'm putting together a resume for a new position in the same company (dfferent division - see my thread here ). 

I've worked with my potential new manager for more than 10 years and most of my accomplishments at this company were projects that he was either involved with or aware of. This is a main reason that he came to me when he developed this new position.  

I've been in IT since 1981, worked for 4 companies in that time, had several promotions and title changes and even more role changes. 

I have the MT resume package and have been thinking of how to put something together in a short amount of time. I have a few areas where some guidance would be helpful. 

1. I don't know the months for my title changes within an organization and in most cases I'm not 100% confident in the year.  Of course, I do know months and years for each company.  Any months and most years would be, at best, a S.W.A.G. 

2. Since this is a resume for internal consumption (and nearly proforma at that), I could be quite detailed with accomplishments that would be remembered and recognized rather than the more vague statements usually on resumes. Should I make it that specific? The hiring manager will probably recognize them, but the specifics might bring to mind details if anyone else were to see the document. 

3. Related to #1, I've had many changes in job responsibilities and over the 15 years at this company, but with only 1 title change that I can recall. That title change, chronologically, didn't coincide with any major role change, but was reflective of a change in the approach to job titles and organization in IT and subsequent placement of current employees into the new titles. Would it be beneficial to list roles as if they were titles and then follow the format for responsibilities and accomplishments? 

For you readers who love the details, the roles ranged from software developer (full SDLC), DBA, UNIX sysadm, schema designs for DW, ETL for DW projects, business intelligence initiatives, major package installations and conversion projects, and BPM/SOA initiatives. Implied in this list are project lead and project management roles as well a direct technical involvement. 

Any guidance you can give me would be greatly appreciated. 




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The purpose of the resume is to get an interview. Sounds like you're far beyond that. And you're right, the resume is mostly pro-forma.

That being said, tailor the document to your hiring manager. The specific titles and dates are not important. The accomplishments are the critical piece.

You want to give your hiring manager the details to go to their boss and the CIO to say "I want Lisa on my team. Look at what she's accomplished for us over the last 10 years"

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 Thanks for the response.  As it happens, I've also worked with the (potential) new director's boss; she's the COO of the new division but I've worked with her since she started here as Controller quite a few years back. She's already on board - they're in cahoots on this. :) 

I managed to make a 1 page resume in the suggested format. I used the vague particulars for the prior companies' work and actual internal names or acronyms for this company's work. 

I've also started a CMD. Wish I'd known to do that many years ago. 

No word today from upper management but it was a busy weekend for some parts of IT and not in a good way. 

Thanks for the encouragement.