Hi all I am looking for help with my CV. I followed the MT advice and have a 1 page document but due to promotions, secondments and the nature of the sector I work in (The NHS - we are constantly changing and re-organising.)

Thus I have had 8 job titles in 14 years and I am not sure how to capture this on my CV.

So for instance in 2008 I was appointed as a Locality Manager, managing 5 different departments, in 2010-11 I was seconded into IT Lead and then I returned to operational management 2011-13 as a Specialist Services Manager with a different portfolio from my time as a Localty Manager.

As a side note we have re-organised and I will now be known as something else with new responsibilties from April.

How do I capture all of this on my CV and keep some of my past achievements?

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My initial thought would be to use a smaller font, narrower margins, and less line spacing.  I'm guessing you've already gone down that path.

If you've tried everything you can think of, consider purchasing the MT Resume Workbook.  



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Can you list them as if they are separate jobs, but all under one heading for that Employer?
You can add the overall timescale at the heading to show how long overall you were at the employer and then add separate timescales for each role as well as the separate achievements for each role.

Hope that helps,