Good morning everyone!  This is my first post and I have only been a member since the beginning of August 2012.  I’m working on my resume and I’m not sure how to list my past/current job(s).

I work for a small company (I have been here for a total of 15 years) that has downsized from 50 + employees down to 16 current employees. As you can imagine in doing so my employer has had to delegate the responsibilities of former employees on to those of us left on staff.  My responsibilities cover a broad range and I would like to show potential employers that I can handle a heavy workload along with show my abilities to successfully multitask.

Should I list the major roles separately?  Thank you in advanced for your input.

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 Hey Chris,

Welcome and as a fellow new member I'd love to offer some input.

I think the purpose of a resume is to get you an interview. So, among proper formatting and grammar the info on it should lead to questions for which you have sound answers. I would list your official job title and then any significant results you achieved as bullets under that title. So while you might have separate bullets for each "responsibility", they will all be included under the one heading. That resume would cause me to feel like there was no filler and you were very productive--cross-functionally even--in your position.

I prefer a dense resume to a long one, if that makes sense.