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Bluf: How do I take one big accomplishment and get mileage out of it?


I authored a business case for a new division, was hired to open the new division and get it fully operational in the first 90 days of employment. I was subsequently profitable in the first full year and been so ever since. unfortunately I don't have a lot of other meaningful accomplishments. Just steady [boring] growth.  I know one bullet, one line is critical for success but not sure what do with this one. Help?

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In my opinion, "steady [boring] growth" is an impressive accomplishment too.

Quote your growth metrics and how many months/quarters/years you have been profitable and that would make a great accomplishment bullet.






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 When you create "boring steady growth" you must do something right.

What are these smaller things that you accomplish? Create a time log. Mark did describe it in the cast "job transparency for development".

Last time I did it i found a lot of things that made me think. I am sure you will identify things that you do regularly. The outcome of these smaller tasks are your smaller accomplishments.