What is the appropriate way to characterize a second MBA specialization I am pursuing, for purposes of resumes or job applications?


I completed a general MBA (no specialization) three years ago.  I am now pursuing a specialization in Health Industry Leadership at the same university.  Because my MBA work was relatively recent, I am not having to re-take 18 hours of core master-level classes again, but am taking only the remaining 18 hours of specialty classes.  I can't get a consistent answer as to whether, upon completion of this specialization, I should list this as a second MBA, or a some other more appropriate designation.


My resume currently states my education this way:

Master of Business Administration, Regis University - Denver, Colorado 2009

Bachelor of Science in Management/Computer Science, Houston Baptist University - Houston, Texas 1984


I'm not looking for a discussion on the merits of an MBA or an additional specialization, but merely for suggestions as to how to properly document the achievement, once completed.


Thank you in advance!

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think this would be effective:


    Concentration  X  YYYY

    Concentration  Z  YYYY

Get a definitive if it's two seperate MBA's. I wouldn't think so; I tried that with undergrad courses when I took several accounting courses after my master's degree.

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