Hi Everyone,

Do I need to include all part-time jobs on a resume even if I held some of them while I was employed full-time at another company?

Until five years ago, I often needed to hold down a second job part-time in addition to my full-time job to make ends meet. These jobs did not present a conflict of interest with my full-time job. If I list those jobs and include 2-3 responsibilities and 1 accomplishment, my resume goes over one page. My resume is currently formatted with Calibri font, 11 point.

I could make a case for some of these jobs being on the resume because they show a progression of my STACs, but I do know that a resume is not the same as a job application, which is a legal document. If I were filling out a job application, I would include all jobs because HR needs to see a complete work history.


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A resume is not meant to be an exhaustive accounting of every job you have ever held. It’s a document designed to present you in the most strongest and compelling way. That means you don’t need to include every job you have ever had, or the part-time work you did on top of your regular job last year, or even your degree in an irrelevant field if you don’t want to. You get to decide what you do and don’t include.

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Thanks, Tressie, for the confirmation.  Prior to finding the MT guidance on resumes, I included all jobs in the Employment section of my resume.  Needless to say, the MT method is much more focused and crisp communication.