Hey folks,

I'm currently working on my quarterly resume update. Recently there was a significant organizational change as many teams became combined with others. IT feels like abording a new team/application under my umbrella should be called out on my resume. I'm struggling with how to approach it. It's too early to point to specific metrics, better or worse than the previous manager.

I might have an opportunity to manage a different internal team so I do want it to state something about what's happening in the present. Any suggestions?

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You're expressing clearly what your current role requires of you.

If you don't have an accomplishment related to it which is big enough to push something else off a resume, well, that's a different matter.  That's just a side-effect of slimming down your current entry from career-management-document to resume.

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I agree with jrb3. You can add the onboarding of a new team and number of directs as part of the responsibilities, and look for efficiency gains or retention metrics during the transition for an accomplishment.