I would like to put my resume on some Job Boards to shop around for some new opportunities.  What if my current employer discovers my resume?  How have other people handle this situation?  Is this common and I am just over thinking this?

Any advice would be very much appreciated?



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I am not sure what people's experience have been in the USA but I have done that recently in Canada and am not pleased with the outcome. The only interest I generated was the equivalent to SPAM. Organizations utilized these new resumes as an opportunity to start chasing me for Financial Advisor roles and Franchise sale opportunities that had no relation to my background whatsoever. I don't blame them for being opportunistic but I saw no value for me. Networking is the best alternative.

Good Luck.



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It depends on the job board.  Some do explicitly say that you can not have your current employer see it; but they have to be able to identify your current employer.  Unless you work for a very large organization, that may be hard.

You will get some spam right after joining a job board, even on US job sites.   I have found the job boards to be helpful in the job search I am currently on.  My suggestion is that if you are just shopping around, networking is a better idea. You can do job searches on LinkedIn without your current employer knowing about it and use LinkedIn to contact recruiters for those positions.  I would only post to job boards if you are serious about moving on.

Also, looking to the future, I kept my accounts on job boards after being hired- I did not shut them down.  I made my resume private so I couldn't be searched and wouldn't get unwanted calls; however, if I decided to make my resume public again (as I have) and my current employer found it and asked me, I could simply state that I had it on there from a previous job search.


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Since I've had a resume it's been searchable on the job boards. I've never been questioned on it. I tell my co- workers I constantly keep a " pulse on the industry." I do get some NVA calls from some recruiters. Interview a couple times a year. Often I'll humor them but I've learned not to get my hopes up. Too many times it felt perfect but never got a return call from the company or recruiter. As a side note, I've had 3 professional level positions, all landed via job boards, positions I submitted to. Two were monster, one industy specific. None of the jobs were manager level, though. This level may be different.