Hi all.  I'd like to start by saying that this site has been an excellent source of career advice for me and I thank everyone for their time and effort. 

   I currently am employed by an engineering firm.  We do work for mostly telecommunications providers, but also electrical and natural gas service providers.  Basically a Turn-key operation for utility companies (both design and construction coordination).  The company is quite small; less than 25-30 people.  When I started, their were 5, so in the 5 years that I have been working there, I've held almost all positions from office manager, surveyor field assistant, conduit engineer, traffic control design engineer, Outside plant telecom design, gas and electric/streetlight system design, and a couple smaller titles.  I am looking for a new job right now due to the fact that the next position is basically VP and the company is just not attracting the type of work that they used to(above).  So I am at a standstill.  The job that I am looking for is pretty specific to outside telecom engineering and it would be very lucrative to list alot of these skills because most companies are not versed in ALL of those areas and from my experience, contract alot of the outside work out on a larger scaled project. 

  My problem is that there is just too much information and I'm not really sure on how to format my resume to list everything that I would like to.  I would like to separate 2 or maybe 3 key titles under experience just so I do not take up half of a page with one "company".  So should I have more of a executive style where it is mostly a career description or should I just bite my tongue and not go into that much detail and leave it a standard chronological style?  I understand that it may not be all that wise to have a large description, but, everything that I want to list is extremely relevant and I have tried to make it as concise as possible.  

   Again, thank you for your time and I look forward to your comments.


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The one-pager is an MT rule that few are going to disagree with.  You should be able to condense your positions and accomplishments to the one page format explained in the "Your Resume Stinks!" podcast.  Look for ways to consolidate and simplify.  I have 20 years of experience chock-a-block full of accomplishments and I can get the whole thing on one page.

Once you have it down to one page, spend the money to have Wendii take a look at it (look under the Products menu above).  You're paying for a direct, and sometimes painful critique of your work from an industry expert.  The feedback she gave me was bitter to swallow, but I love her for it like anyone else in my life that has struck a chord with sage advice.

Only at this point would I give someone leave to consider altering the format, with the understanding that doing so could be to your own detriment.  You need to consider alterations very carefully, have a targeted result in mind, and have a way of measuring your success in achieving that result.

Good luck!


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Hi, Justin.

I PM'd you about this. FYI.