So I have been following the MT recommendations exactly, 1 page resume, 2 - 3 sentences of responsibilities, 3 - 4 accomplishments, education and software experience. All recruiting/staffing agencies ask me to add more to the resume. Friends who have gotten jobs with 5 page resumes tell me to add more and follow their format. I love the 1 page resume idea but there is a lot of outside force fighting it.

What should I do.





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In my experience, yes, there are some recruiters who do want longer resumes. Maintain a long Career Management Document (CMD) documenting all your jobs, responsibilities, and accomplishments. Then for those occasions calling for a two page resume you include two pages worth of material from the CMD. 

The MT counsel to keep it to one page is sound. You will encounter, very rarely, the recruiter asking for more information.

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Stick with our guidance, as fleshed out by Tom above.  The CMD is where you start, and you create resumes that go to hiring companies (and recruiters, initially)

Keep in mind, as well, that those recruiters are just trying to make THEIR jobs easier.  They want you to tell them everything they want to know.  They actually don't want your resume, they want to have everything done for them.  BUT, the resume is the lingua franca of the recruiting industry, so they ask for it, and then expect you to lard it up with everything so they don't have to ask you a bunch of questions, actually get to know you, and then make sure they're getting you to the right firms with the right needs.  They may or may not be giving that 5 page "resume" to a client...and for all we know, clients who GET a 5 page document rule it out.  But because it's behind the recruiter's firewall of non-communication with you, you don't see it.

And that light resume thing is crazy.

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