Hi all, i am in the process chasing back the old podcast.

For the one related to Resume, Mark said the margin of his resume is 0.5 on left and right. 0.75 on top and bottom. What is the unit? inch or cm?

Sorry I am from Hong Kong and not sure what unit is common in the states


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Tks, that's quite wide.

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1/2" and 3/4" are about as close to the edge as most printers can print. It's really pretty close to the edge if you fill it all the way acrss!

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Tks Tom

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I've got to think that there's been a misunderstanding if you believe that half an inch and three quarters of an inch are quite wide.

Are we on the same page? ;-)


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Haha, I know what you meant now.


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it is great to see people being able to get help with such specific topics! I have to ask, is the margin really that important? I guess so

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Adam- just to fit as much as you can without going into the non-printable area of the printer.

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Yes, if you go in to the non printable area, thanks to technology. you will get a automatic warning to fix margins. Thank god for that. Thats how it is in MS WORD/ windows.