It's that time again, I'm updating my resume and since my last update I took on the role of School Board President for a local private school. I am currently employed outside of this role. The School Board is a volunteer position that I perform on evenings and weekends.  


Question: Do I include this role in my resume? 


PS. In case you were wondering, the Manager Tools Trinity absolutely applies and works in education!



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Depends what you have to exclude to include that, dunnit? :D

From what you say, I guess you are working in education. I suppose the question is as simple as: "Is what you achieved there better/more relevant for the role you're applying for?"

At the very least I'd prepare it in your career document, for inclusion in relevant resumes.



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Generally, I would not include any volunteer work on a resume, maybe with the exception of college students desperately trying to show experience.

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If, however, you are applying to a nonprofit volunteer agency, then you should include examples of volunteering.

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I would add the position to your career management document so you can keep track of any accomplishments; then, based on the position you are applying for, you can determine at that point whether or not to include it.