After listening to the resume podcasts and realizing that I fell into several of the pitfalls of the poorly written resume, I decided to take your advice and revamp my resume. My question is in regards to my last position, I was a third level network technician. My position prior to that was a second level technician which was considered a different department at the time. When listing my previous jobs should i distinguish between the two levels with separate accomplishments?

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If "second level" and "third level" are commonly-understood terms within your industry, AND if you are applying for a job at the higher-level position at a similar firm, then I would take the time (and use the precious page-space) on your resume to list both roles, with duties and accomplishments for each.

But otherwise, I think I'd fold them in together. Remember, your resume isn't supposed to be a complete, exhaustive record of every job and every accomplishment. It's supposed to be a truthful, persuasive highlight reel that gets you the interview. The interview is where, if asked, you will explain all the little promotions and departmental nuances.