I've had the same job title at the same location for a number of years. In those years, my company has changed it's name several times. Should I have each of those company names separated with their own responsibilities and accomplishment bullets? Or should I have it as a single job with a longer list of accomplishment bullets?

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You can either use the latest one or use Company A (formerly Company B).

If it's actually Company A (formally Company B, C and D) I'd just use the most recent one!


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Bottom line: Remember that the purpose of the resume is to get the interview. If giving the former company name isn't likely to catch their eye and mean something, why include it - especially a long list.

Whether you include previous names or not depends on whether they are well known. For example, in my case, my company was bought by a bigger multi-national company that does many things. If I was applying for a job in the industry where the former company was well known, I would use the Company A (formerly Company B) format. Or if I was applying for a job in the town where the original company was well known, I would also use it.

But if the former company wasn't well known or the person wasn't likely to know about it, I probably wouldn't put in on the resume. I would talk about it during the interview. But I wouldn't take space on the resume for a long list of company names.

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Wendii & Sunshine,
Thank you both for your advice!