When I begin submitting resumes for roles I am interested in, should I send it and the cover letter as a PDF or in a word processing format like .doc?  PDF seems logical since just about everyone can open it.  Maybe some of you expert recruiters and hiring managers feel differently?  Thanks in advance!  Derek

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Hi Derek,

Go with PDF unless informed that they require Word or another format.  PDF will not change the formatting regardless of the user's program at the receiving end while Word can distort or reformat depending on the version used by the receiver and may have negative impact.  Some recruitment firms request Word in order to search skills, etc. so in those cases you need to follow their request.

Hope this helps!


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Despite using several wp packages , I'd never thought of that one. Even 1 line on the page length can be annoying, so that's good advice. I know that in the past, some recruitment companies also remove your personal details at the top so they can circulate your CV without your name. So DOC will still be needed and i think many CV sites still allow you to upload PDF files.

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I am a fan of using PDF for anything you circulate - as Dawne says it preserves the formatting you want to have. It also preserves the document from anyone changing your information. Not that I have had this occur (or really know of cases) but it's an added step for me to make sure what I want people to see they see.