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 So, I've had excellent results with the Resume Workbook in terms of getting together a document that showcases my achievements.

Could anyone comment on the differences between UK CV's and US Resumes?  I'm lead to believe they are different, and I have to agree.  I can't put my finger on why, there's just this "culture" (there's that word again!) or this feeling that they are different.  Not inherent so, but noticeably.


Can anyone advise?



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 Newbie to the market myself. 

My understanding is CV should showcase more stuff: your full history and list of skills. My understanding is its only important in academic contexts now. You're fine with a resume. For some reason though... "resume" just sounds American to me, and CV more English (even if the former is French and the latter Latin :) but I'm not sure why.

I've had my resume, set up after what it says in the Workbook, criticised by recruiters for not being more like an expansive CV. I'm not sure if we're expected to make things more CV-like here. I'd like to hear Wendii's input. I asked if Thank You letters were more of an American thing - feels more appropriate to their culture - but she said that it's just as acceptable here as there. 

Anyway, advice in short: stick with the resume as is. Get it out there. Send it to a recruitment agency, even if you'd rather not go through a recruiter in the end - just see what they make of it, when considering you as someone to show off to companies. You might as well just test it, see if there's any problem using it. Test, adjust, test, adjust. :)