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Just wanted to do a quick shout out and unpaid for political announcement...

I have been listening to manager tools/career tools casts since 2012. I discovered them during my last job search and quickly started absorbing casts like a sponge... By 2014 I found a new role doing a job that I loved. Last February they dissolved my dept and in March layed everyone off... I paid for the resume workbook and the interview series.

And thanks to listening to the casts, (and some hard work). I found my self immunized from the first round of lay offs. But my job and role changed and I knew my company would be laying off another 8000 people. And there was no guarantee that I would not be on the next list or the list after that. So I got a random call for a recruiter from linked in, and deciding that interviewing is good practice, decided to speak with him about opportunities. And my resume was just updated ... So what the hay...

Multiple interviews later, and a lot of back and forth with the recruiter. They offered me 41% more than I am currently making. They really wanted me for this role ... I have to move but am thrilled I am currently at market value ... (I was seriously underpaid for the prior role, but loved my job - so reasoned that I was happy so it was ok).

I blame manager tools for helping me get a role that I love, then help me to land another role that I love, while making a decent living... I am super happy.

I followed their resume, and interviewing advice to the letter and it really paid off, literally and figuratively (pun intended).

I have are a lot of work ahead of me the next 90 days. But wanted to thank everyone here for their sage advice as well ...


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I started listenings to the podcasts a couple of months ago but I can see positive results already now! I just got promoted!:D I'd like to thank Manager Tools for the great job they're doing!

Keep up the good work!



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The interviiewing series worked for me. I find it odd that so many people won't spent $150 for the tool, but will spend more to get their resume done by someone else.

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I can also vouch to the fact that the Interviewing Series WORKS!


Especially for IT tech-types, who need a reality check (like I did).

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I second that!  Congratulations.  It does indeed work.