I just read about the Resume Workbook launch on June 1st in the Manager Tools newsletter today.   Thank you! 

I have been looking for a way to cascade out the terriffic resume guidance from Manager Tools through our consulting organization.  This will provide a cost effective way of doing so.  

I intend not only to place a nice order for the orgnaizaion, but purchase one for myself personally as well!  

Mark Cheek 

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We think you'll find it a great tool.



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Where is this available? I can't find it under "My subscriptions" 

Thank you for all your work!


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I'm sorry - I made a mistake and it wasn't there. If you're logged in and go to the documents page ( it'll be available for you to download.

My apologies for the inconvenience.


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 I have just downloaded and am half way through reading the workbook.  I like what I have seen so far.  Now, I understand the goal of keeping the resume to one page since I am not an Executive or Academic.  

However, I have been blessed with the opportunity over my career to continually take on more and expanded responsibilities in new roles with in the same company, as well as different companies.  In total, over the last 20 years I have held 10 different distinct roles.  What is the recommended method of getting all this on to one page?  Is it wise to consolidate some similar yet different roles into one while referencing growth in responsibility in the break down or results?

You help is always appreciated


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I'm glad you're finding the workbook helpful. If you look at page 48 there is some guidance on how to fit your resume onto one page. If that doesn't help you, feel free to send me an email or a personal message and I'll help further.


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The Resume Workbook is the most effective $29 I have spent on career development. 60 pages of thorough and to the point resume guidance.   Well done!

Gunter Hartmann

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It is important to have a Career Management Document. This is the multipage "resume" from which you pull out the single page of most important topics appropriate for the current job description. The CMD is updated quarterly and is in as close to perfect shape as you can make each line. That way it is simply a matter of dropping that lines that are not as pertinent for the resume you need. It is far faster and very effective. 

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Hi I notice that in the Interviewing Series video, the topic of one page resume is already tacked. Does this mean, when I subscribe to interviewing series, I also get the resume workbook?

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When I got them they were speperate items.
If you go to the products page, it will tell you what comes with each purchase.
Either way, they are both well worth the money, this includes the personal license which is double the value now.
DiSC 7121

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 I got the resume workbook! It was worth every penny to me!