I am currently attending school for my Marketing degree and I'm the impatient type I suppose.

I am tired of working dead end jobs, or jobs that don't even closely relate to my chosen field. I'm rewriting my resume, but I was wondering if anyone has any tips on how to get it noticed when I send it to local marketing firms.

I haven't finished my degree yet, so I'm not too picky, I just want to get my foot in the door, to learn hands on (or just listening). How do I get them to give me a second look, or even better.. a chance?

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Have you read all the information about resumes here on the forum and listened to the podcasts on that topic? There's a lot of information there.

All the firms pretty much want the same thing: what have you done and what results have you gotten?

What kind of experience a company wants will vary from place to place. Each one will want different kinds of experience (with results in them), like TV, print media, SEO, non-profit, etc.

No one thing will catch everyone's eye in a positive way. You could, of course, make serious gaffes that catch everyone's eye, but in a bad way!

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I just read an article in the NY Times "Bad Times Spur a Flight to Jobs Viewed as Safe" -

“The no-layoff clauses in the contracts they sign are usually for one or two years,” she said, “and usually in the form of guaranteed compensation. The new employer is not likely to lay you off when he has to pay you anyway.”

I am interested to hear Manager Tools members' thoughts on this.