BLUF - consider using 4 digit years on your resume rather than the 2 digits that M-T recommends!


I've followed the M-T resume guidance and listed my roles with dates as "Month YY" and, for the first time, got feedback from a potential employer that the years are missing on my resume.  They weren't missing, but since my career started after Y2K, all my entries are like "March 15 - April 20".  This person interpreted that as I put in 5 weeks there rather than 15 years.


They were the only one to stay anything in 15 years.  No telling how many other folks interpreted it similarly and didn't say anything.  But even one misunderstanding is too many while I'm unemployed.  I'll be adding the "20" prefix.


In context, the two year dates make sense.  The achievements and responsibilities indicate years of effort rather than weeks.  I'm applying for positions in the ~15 year range, not 15 weeks.  But... communication is what the [reader] does.