Do you sense a whiff of desperation?

I have an opening and the resumes HR is forwarding to me are all over the map. He says he's screening out a lot more that are overqualified, after I rejected a few and told him why.

I chalk it up to the economy, a lot of people who've been laid off applying for anything remotely in the ballpark of their skills.

Agree? Disagree?

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I recently got over 50 resumes for a temporary, 4 month position opening.

About half of those were from laid-off teachers :(

I just tried to be kind; that's all I can do.


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There's a lot more random resumes coming through - it happens every time there's a recession.

Recruitment is a whole different job in times like these - more about screening out than finding people.


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This will only be my third hire, so it's good to know my perceptions aren't totally off. I thought I remembered the resumes last time were more consistently relevant to the position.