Resume Question:  How do you recommend capturing the name changes, mergers, closings of businesses in the resume?  For example, one of my previous employers sold itself in pieces to several other entities.  The original company name is gone.  

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I am also interested in the answer to this question. I have been working for the last 10 years for essentially the same company, except it has gone through several name changes, spin offs, joint ventures, and sales, which means that I have technically worked for 5 different companies. My responsibilitiesat the various iterations have been different, as have my titles.

I am not sure who to handle a situation like this.

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I defer to the other gurus here on this, but I would think you should use the name as it existed when you worked there.  I do not think the current state of the company is relevant.

I was with Arthur Andersen for 10 years, it that is what my resume still says.

Hope that helps,


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I agree with Mike. Use the name of the company as it was when you worked there. What you achieved there is far more important than what the company is now called.


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Double ditto (to both Mike & Wendii).  I've left the original company names and there are no references to what ultimately happened - sold, closed, bankrupt, etc. - on my resume.  When it comes time for reference-checking on a recent but closed employer, I readily volunteer the information.  Beyond that, however, any of the background-screening companies will usually just check state records to confirm employment during that timeframe.  As long as the company name you listed on your resume for that time period matches the company name under which they paid FUTA/SUI or SS/Med on your behalf, your background check will come back clean.  At least, in that regard!