Can anyone help me with a question about resumes for grad students? 

I have just returned to school for a two-year master's program after eight years of working. 

MT says it's best to start resumes with most recent jobs and to end with education. 

How then should I start my resume - with my master's program, with my entire education (undergrad, a fellowship and a line on language skills) or with my work experience? 

On the one hand it looks strange to start with education. On the other hand it also looks strange to start with my most recent job which ended in June 2014. The longer I stay in school the longer it will look at first glance like I have been unemployed. 

Thanks very much for any input on this. 

As a side note I am a big fan of MT. Thanks to everyone who provides this invaluable resource. 




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I don't believe the gap is an automatic dismissal. Especially if your graduation date is current. lead with accomplishments and graduating is not an accomplishment per se.