Hello all,

I've bought and resd the Resume Guide. I've listened to almost all resume focused back episodes of the casts.

I have a discussion topic to propose: For the career history section, how much history do you list when you have significantly changed the focus of your career making the older roles not relevant to your current experience?

Or put differently; How far back do you go on career history when you are now effectively in a very different area of specialization?

In my case I started in engineering, but in the last 10 years I have transitioned to Business Analysis an I am pursuing certification.

I am interested in reading any discussion about this topic.

- Jim

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Hi jim

i suggest you still list all your career but focus on the achievements that support your new role and the position you are going for

hope that helps


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Jim - 10 years worth of jobs, responsibilities, and accomplishments on your resume is the MT/CT general I recall.

I could be wrong. Also, under the older roles you may want to list less accomplishments. That will give you more room to add more accomplishments under your more recent role(s). Thereby increaseing the amount of content related to your more recent focus. 

If you're truly stuck, you might want to check out the resume review service. I don't know if they still offer it, could be worth a quick email to customer service. Good luck!