For the first time in my career, I have been given the task of reviewing and screening resumes. Hopefully some of you more experienced hiring managers can provide me with your opinions on this question:

How strongly should I consider work experience listed on the [b]second page[/b] of a candidate's resume? The "stuff" taking up space on the first page is doing more to disqualify a particular candidate than anything else, but the experience on page 2 is quite relevant to the position.

Mark and Mike's advice on writing resumes has all of a sudden become much more clear, now that I am on THIS side of the desk!

Thank you for any advice you can provide!


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Hi Bob,

I've been a hiring manager for multiple departments for quite a while now, so I've seen a lot of resumes. NOT A SINGLE ONE has conformed to the MT one-page rule. 90% of the rest are terrible. I review the entire resume no matter what -- highlighting key accomplishments if they're there -- knowing that the resume is just an introduction, and the phone screen and actual interview will give me a much clearer picture overall.

(I think if I ever get a good one-page resume, I'll keel over right then and there.)

Hope this helps,

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Thanks Bill, that does help!

I am going to give this applicant the benefit of the doubt and call her tomorrow.

I'll let you know where it goes after the telephone conversation.


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I'm sorry this has taken me so long. I regret my absence.

Sure, always look at whatever you're given. Don't penalize anyone because 99% of folks don't know how to put together a resume.

Hope it worked out.

Again, my apologies for my delay.