Hey all, I wanted to say Hi first off, a month ago I found your podcast and have loved it! So I have just entered the “real world” being a recent college graduate and have taken on a retail job as it is very complementary to my schedule in pursuing my masters. Anyway, to my issues.

My job is in retail, I work for Staples and I run the copy center, it requires a high level of results (point blank, its do today or your gone tomorrow….literally). I have 4 Directs and they are all very new.

Because of payroll/hours we only have one person in my area at a time. There often isn’t overlap in shifts and the nature of retail unfortunately dictates that you don’t have a predictable and reliable free moment. It is also very likely that I am scheduled in a manner where I could not see a direct for weeks! So this obviously presents issues for one on one’s and Feedback! I almost never work with or can observe them working. Some of the Feedback and one on one's is covered in part by the store manager but I need to drive the sales.

Any Ideas? any other wisdom for retail is great too.