First...Thank you all for the amazing podcast and continued educational content.  That being said, I do need advice.

Almost all of the podcasts you all do involves direct reports being in the same facility, or at least close by.  I am an area loss prevention manager for a major big box retailer and I have 20 direct reports, one in each store that I am responsible for.  The way the structure is set in our environment, the Loss Prevention Manager in each store reports to me, not the store, therefore, I am responsible for their job performance and growth and I take this responsibility seriously.  My territory covers covers a 300 mile radius.  Because of this, I am lucky to SEE each direct more than once every 60 days.  While I talk to them very often (through both phone and email), I would like to apply the feedback model, but am at a loss as to how to do this with 20 directs scattered across the state.

Any advice in this area would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks,