I have a few questions about building a resume from a retail manager's experiences.

I was manager of  6 different stores at the same company.  The position and main responsibilities were the same but the locations, number of employees & overall volume of the stores were different. On a MT resume are they different positions or are they achievements?

Things like profitability and shrink go into the accomplishments and have a context across all companies.  What about the accomplishments related to internal strategies?  Nobody outside our company would care about selling x% of widgets with each doodad.  Considering the focus changed every 3 to 6 months, it's also going to be a lot of little accomplishments.

How would context be provided for some accomplishments?  Great performance at a high volume store was evaluated differently than at lower volume stores.  10% widgets was phenomenal at one store while barely trying at another.  My instinct is to compare it to the performance of the previous manager.  (Improved X by 50%)

Further, since it was a company in a slow decline through bankruptcy, how do you phrase "lost less money than the other stores" in an MT resume?

Thanks in advance,