Just got done with the John Lucht interview and posted this over there before realizing that it was a number of years old - don't know why it just popped up in my podcast feed - but it brings up a question I am wondering about...

I'm at a transitional part of my career and wondering if retained recruiters are where I'm most likely to find what I"m looking for (and would use RiteSite for).

I'm currently in IT consulting for one of the Big 4 Consulting firms at a Senior Manager Level.  I'd like to get back into end-client because I'm not as interested in the sales side that would be pretty heavy up at the top.

In the past I felt like the contingency guys had Director level jobs in my focus area.  Now I feel my skills could easily transition to Senior Director or VP level.  Are these type of jobs more with retained recruiters?  Should I invest the time and money focusing more on that side?  

I like the idea of using the RiteSite list, but am wary of resume blasting...has anyone used the service with results?

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Sorry, Dude.  I have nothing for you on this.  I contemplated using it then realized that 70% or more of the hired people found positions through their network.