M&M, I just want to say how great these last couple of casts have been. The retention outlined well steps to overcome employee loss which has been a recent problem at my workplace. As focused as I try to be on strengths of individuals I never caught myself doing the opposite (thinking of the bad things they left for) when someone leaves until your podcast. I will look more to the ones who stay and focus on keeping them. Even though it seems so obvious, your right that people tend to look back at the problems instead of forward to a solution...

Feedback about directs. I'm really glad you did this cast as well, as the forum discussions on this topic never really sat well with me. I'm glad to hear what you really mean in "Not acting" and I understand how this could be a very useful method of dealing with such feedback.

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Thanks, Mike! Glad it's of use!

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Mike (K)

Many thanks for the kind comments. We love it when we here about how our recommendations are helping managers become more effective.


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Mike K - What do you mean by "not acting" regarding receiving feedback about your direct reports?

I don't remember this part of the podcast.