Mark and Mike-

John Cleese once said that the sheer repetition of compliments robbed them of all their meaning. Maybe, but that won't stop me to join all the others in saying Thank You for your contribution to improve management over the world. ;)

My question is regarding the premium content feed. I was a premium member from Sept07-Sept08 and during that time downloaded your premium content using iTunes. Then my PC crashed 2 weeks ago, and now I've lost it all. (Fortunately I have the Interviewing Series backed up!) I tried to get it back by adding the premium feed to iTunes, but since I am no longer a premium subscriber, it doesn't log on at all.

Is there a way to get the premium materials for the time that I was a premium subscriber?


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It will take some manual effort and coordination on both our parts. Send Maggie an email (maggie AT manager-tools DOT com) and we'll work it out.

As a side note ... although I can see a different perspective, we didn't design premium content such that you only have access to premium content published only during your membership term. When you are a premium member, you have access to EVERYTHING. One could get all the premium content with a single month's subscription - it is certainly not in the spirit of our intent and the vast majority of professionals understand, but it happens more frequently than one might think. So, unfortunately, we can't help you without some manual work.