I am new to this podcasting business however I am totally hooked on your podcasts so much so that I would like to retrieve some of your earlier podcasts. I have tried different approaches but without success.
I am certain that there is a simple way and hope that you can help.

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if you go to the list of podcasts bit on the home page they are all in there. Click to download a podcast, and choose save. Save the file to somewhere on your PC where you keep the rest of your podcasts.

You can stick them on your MP3 or whatever as usual from there on.

all the best.


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Is there a way to get the older podcasts into the podcast section of iTunes?

I have the new Peer Feedback Model but do not have the original and am unable to get it via the podcast subscription.


btw. the oldest podcast I have from MT is dated 9/17/2005 and I know from the site there are older casts.

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Hi Lionel,

if you highlight the Managertools header line (the one with the righthandy facing triangle at the left hand side) an arrow in a cirle will appear to the left of where it says {clean}. Click on the arrow and you'll be taken to the itunes store page for manager tools. All the podcasts are listed there, and right on the right hand side is a 'get episode' button.

I hope that helps.


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I've done that and the oldest podcast I can get is dated 9/17/2005. It would appear the older casts are not available.

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How are you, my friend? Hope all is well!

Unfortunately, there is a practical limit on the size of the RSS feed for the podcast. Currently, the limit is set at 60, so as well roll-out new podcasts the older ones fall off. I am not aware of how one would get the older podcasts into the same iTunes folder as the more current shows.

My recommendation is to create a new (e.g., "Manager Tools Archive") playlist within iTunes. Then you can go to the Manager Tools Archive page (, right-click each of the shows and download to your PC, then drag those files into your new playlist.

I wish it were easier ... If someone here has a suggestion how we could make it easier, please let me know!


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Thanks for the reply - I'm doing well - still looking for something to keep me employeed and occupied for next year.

How about having a podcast feed for older casts - perhaps by year (e.g. Manager Tools 2005 and come 2007 create a Manager Tools 2006). That would keep each below the limit of 60 and allow subscriptions to the older casts using standard iTunes processes.

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[quote="mauzenne"]I am not aware of how one would get the older podcasts into the same iTunes folder as the more current shows.[/quote]

From all I can tell (through trying to solve this same problem) this is not possible. I feel your pain, Lionel. For some reason it drives me CRAZY that you can't have these appear in the 'podcasts' section.

It's a very strange iPod/iTunes limitation that you cannot assign a browser-downloaded podcast to a the 'podcasts' section of your library.

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That's a great idea! I'll put it on my (growing) list of things to do.


best regards,