The obvious answer would seem to be by start date but because I have lots of over lapping projects and a quick read will appear to have gaps in my history. But ordering by end date just looks strange. Do recruiters know to look further before assuming a gap? Is there any way to make clear there is no gap? Or generally another way to present a timeline when I have many such 'gaps'? Perhaps chronological.

In chronological order:
A. Project 1 started
B. Project 2 started
C. Project 2 ended
D. Project 1 ended
E. Project 3 started

In reverse chronological by start date:

Project 3 from E to present
(Looks like a gap from C to E)
Project 2 from B to C
Project 1 from A to D

Thanks for the help all.

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I might be misunderstanding, but you should be using your positions at a given firm - not projects within that firm. For example, if you worked at XYZ Corp while doing Projects 1-3 listed above - you only have one heading on your resume - for your position at that company. Your accomplishments then highlight how you performed on those projects. If you were you an independent contractor working with different clients, then I would say that is one position using "self-employed" or "independent contractor" or something similar as your job title.