first of all I wanted to thank MT for all the great podcasts I'm listening to now for more than a year.

Second I wanted to ask for some feedback on my CV. Exactly one page :-) Sorry for the type-o's still in (no need to hint me on them). Does it fit the generel MT requirement on a resume? Thanks a lot in advance




XXX. 3, XXXX XXXX; +XX (0) 102 XXXXX


June 20xx to Present: Head Of Client Services, XXX, XXX – Newly founded cross-functional department merging technical and business expertise. Responsible for all day-to-day business with existing customers. Responsible for >95% of company’s revenue with a focus on growth, client onboarding, pricing negotiations, relationship management, escalations, technical support and supervising strategic key projects. Heading a team of 10 directs (Account Managers, Technical Consultants, Developers) on site and indirect lead of a Team of 6 in XXX/Argentinia).

·         Reduced average time for first response on client requests by 84% within 4 Months and average time of closing client requests by 60%. Meet targets of customer satisfaction rating for 9 months in a row.

·         Reached in 9 months a growth of more than 50% in revenue compared with one year before and a 60% growth of transaction processing within 3 months

·         Reduced average deviation of revenue forecast compared with actual revenue by 50%.

·         Exceeded quarterly goals for transactions growth since took over responsibility.


April 20xx to June 20xx: Head of Software Development, XXX, XXX – Responsible for the whole lifecycle of software development in python, starting from planning to rolling out and maintenance. Heading a team of 12 developers max, including an offshore team of 3 developers in XXX/Ucraine.

·         Hired 7 developers in a course of 1 year by conducting 100+ telephone interviews, with a success rate of 71% with candidates invited to the on-site interview. None of the hired developers has left the company up to date.

·         Increased team velocity from 42% to 58%.

·         Established zero-bug policy.

·         Established no downtime releases while reducing the release cycle from 6 weeks to monthly releases.

·         Speed up of UI responsiveness for main use cases by 95%

·         Converted an established scrum process into a scrum-ban process.

·         Replaced ant/Cruise Control based building infrastructure with maven and Jenkins.

·         Supported IT-operations for the geographical re-location of the processing datacenter. Switch was done in time and budget without any impact to processing.


January 20xx to March 20xx: Project Manager, XXX, XXX – Project Management and leading role within the software development team for strategic projects.

·         Team lead and major individual contribution in development of a XXX solution (Java, Struts2) for key customer meeting all milestones in time and budget. The solution processed > 1 Mio payments per month within 12 month without a major defect discovered. Reached test coverage of 78% including automated UI tests in using ....

·         Lead a team of 4 developers on-site and off-shore for an automated ... tool (java, ...) with work load of 48 development months and rolled it out in time and budget for 3 pilot customers.

·         Successfully introduced weekly no-downtime releases for 1 of 2 major product lines of XXX


July 20xx to December 20xx: Senior Developer, XXX, XXX– development of business critical projects, responsible for build infrastructure

·         Designed, developed and rolled out xxx solution in a team of up to 3 contributors in time and budget. The application usage reached up to 16 000 live transactions per day.

·         Integrated XXX’s  connectivity to X and Y in time and budget, processing >155 000 Transactions per day.


October 20xx to June 20xx: software architect, XXX, XXX – Responsible for the design of all key modules of XXX Traffic Management product. Development and operation in close contact with the customers.

·         Lead a working group of a consortium of 2 companies and a customer for planning and rolling out strategic key management. When leaving the position it had kept all deadlines up to that stage.

·         Introduced unit-testing standards and xxxt libraries for all new projects started.


June 20xx to September 20xx: Developer and System Analyst, XXX, XXX – Requirements analysis for and development of several key modules of XXX’ Traffic Management solution (business logic as well infrastructure).

·         Designed, implemented and rolled out a fully programmable (DSL) application for automated traffic situation detection in time and budget


Proficient software development in: Python, Java, PostgreSQL.

Education: XXX Engineering, XXX: Successfully graded with Diploma

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sorry for the messed up formating.


2 concrete questions:

- how to put my technical exptertise (decided for one line at the buttom)

- Should I add some info about the company (size, industry)? A receiver might not know them if he is outside a very narrow part of the industry.

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I am going to shotgun a bunch of feedback 

TL;DR: Make each of your jobs look more like the first one at the top of your resume.

1.  "Responsible for the whole lifecycle of software development in python, starting from planning to rolling out and maintenance." Detail out what this is and each step.  Different companies use different methodologies and have different people responsible and accountable for each sub phase and deliverable.

2.  "Project Management and leading role within the software development team for strategic projects."  Same feedback.  What does a project manager do at your location.  Do they manage scope, schedule, and budget.  Do they manage people?  Do they manage processes?  

3.  "development of business critical projects, responsible for build infrastructure"  No period.  I would throw your resume away right here.  Also see above feedback.  

4.  Drop the skills.  

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