I read the aforementioned book by Edmund Morris, and I will admit, after that, Teddy Roosevelt became my life coach. This book starts with his childhood, and ends with McKinley's assassination. (To swear him in, authorities had to take a horse and cart up a mountain in Upstate New York to find him and his family, hiking).

He was home schooled because his asthma kept him in bed most of the time, until his dad said, "Look, i'm not raising an invalid. What do you say?", and TR said, "This is boring". 

He took nitroglycerin for his weak heart, to where his doctor told him that he shouldn't even climb stairs. TR said, "I reject your conclusion, that's no life to live".

He went to Maine to hunt and camp, became a cattle rancher in Dakota, fought the Spanish, and played tennis daily in the White House. This book means so much to me because of how he overcame his clear physical problems. 

It taught me how to overcome my own issues with anxiety, that is to look it in the face and say, "No, i've got this".